About Stryve

What does Stryve do?

Stryve provides cybersecurity advisory services and solutions which offer access to cybersecurity specialists and the latest cutting edge technologies. We also provide a range of cloud services including Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Disaster Recovery and Secure Online Backups from our own dedicated data centres. For all of our services, we use our secure data centres to facilitate these disparate cybersecurity services.

Who does Stryve help?

Our primary customer base consists of small and medium businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.  They may have an IT Manager or CTO in situ but lack a dedicated security lead and are thus interested in receiving support from us.

Our clients span a range of different industry sectors including engineering, legal, pharma and financial services. We also work with resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s.)

What do our clients want?

They want access to a leading Cybersecurity Service Provider that offers Enterprise Cloud Services that are Secure and that are built with Enterprise-Grade infrastructure at a cost that is not prohibitive.

What are the key services Stryve offers?

Our services are tailor-made to address the typical requirements of growing small and medium businesses that place cybersecurity at the heart of their businesses. Specific services include: 

Secure Private Cloud
Secure Disaster Recovery (as a service)
Secure Data Backups
Security Advisory
Secure Websites (Development & Hosting)
Secure Email
Secure Advisory Service (CISO)
Security Operations Center (SOC)

How is Stryve different?

At the core of our mission is a desire to bring Fortune 500 levels of security and expertise at a price point that is affordable for small and medium businesses. We are a dedicated cybersecurity provider and not a reseller which enables us to configure your cybersecurity requirements based on what is best for your specific context.

Our values

One of our core values is Security First / Security Always which naturally aligns with our core offering. We also pride ourselves in offering a customer-centric service and strive to deliver excellent innovative solutions.

The Stryve Exec Team

Andrew Tobin

Andrew Tobin

Chief Executive Officer
Andrew leads the Stryve team as CEO. He is responsible for the strategy, innovation and operations. Andrew ensures that the company remains at the cutting edge of technology and that Stryve offers world-class solutions to its clients.
Günter Bayer

Günter Bayer

Chief Information Officer
Günter is a founding director of Stryve. As CIO, he is responsible for the company’s overall strategic IT direction. He designs and develops complex Cloud, Disaster Recovery (DR) and security solutions for our multifaceted client base. His knowledge and expertise is a key driving force behind strategic development at Stryve.
Anis Jendoubi

Anis Jendoubi

Chief Technology Officer
Anis is another founding director of Stryve. As CTO, he is responsible for building and maintaining Stryve's sophisticated data center infrastructure as well as designing and building bespoke client solutions. Anis leads the research and development into innovative cybersecurity solutions. He also ensures that our data centers (located in Cork and Warsaw) have zero down time.
Raj Kher

Raj Kher

Commercial Director
Raj is the Commercial Director at Stryve. He is responsible for all sales and marketing activities. Raj translates complex technical solutions into digestible commercial proposals where Return On Investment (ROI) is clearly demonstrated. Raj runs the commercial team that oversees key account management as well as new business development.
Kathleen Lucey

Kathleen Lucey

Client Director
Kathleen is a Client Director at Stryve. She is responsible for managing several of our key accounts as well as identifying new business opportunities. Kathleen is product manager for several of our security solutions including Vade Secure.
 Inga Danu

Inga Danu

Inga is primarily responsible for looking after the financial department. She provides assistance with daily operations, record keeping, preparing financial records, conducting office administration, payroll processing, bank, budgeting and cash flow.
Alan Gleeson

Alan Gleeson

Chief Marketing Officer
Alan is responsible for marketing our range of cloud and cybersecurity solutions, working closely with sales to ensure we are delivering the right solutions to the right clients.
Aideen Burke

Aideen Burke

Head of Design
As Head of Design at Stryve’s security focused web team, Aideen is responsible for developing and managing all aspects of our user interface design and creative output. She works closely with clients to develop focused, functional and aesthetic design solutions.
Sebastian Drajewicz

Sebastian Drajewicz

Head of Search Marketing
Sebastian is Head of Search Marketing at Stryve. He deals primarily with organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) projects for both Stryve and our secure website clients. Sebastian works closely with Stryve’s design and development teams to advise companies on the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategy.
Ciaran Bolger

Ciaran Bolger

Chief Financial Officer
CFO - Ciaran is responsible for all Finance activities within Stryve. His role includes cash flow and financial management along with reviewing Financial projects and investments in order to support future growth and expansion of Stryve.
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