CISO as a Service

Continuous Cybersecurity Support and Advice from People Who Genuinely Care About Your Business

CISO as a Service - Expert Advice Tailored to Meet Your Needs

As cybercrime continues to plague organisations across the world, hiring an experienced CISO is becoming a necessity. You may be aware of the urgency of the situation but wonder how you can find room in your budget for another full-time hire.

Stryve’s CISO as a Service solution emerges as a response to the growing need for senior IT staff. It offers you access to an experienced security officer for a number of days per month, tailored to meet your needs.

Our experts support and guide your business, improving overall IT security and compliance. We take a product agonistic, consultative approach and advise you to do what we genuinely think is best for your business.

We produce a cybersecurity management strategy from the C-Suite down and create a comprehensive information security programme designed to meet your needs.

While almost every company has steps they need to take to improve their security posture, we understand that you are unique. Our CISO as a Service solution is completely customisable and offers you ongoing support and advice as often as you need it.

CISO as a Service
CISO as a Service Applications (what would you use it for)

CISO as a Service is an excellent solution for you if:

1. You cannot afford to hire a full-time CISO. CISOs are experts in their field and with such in-depth knowledge usually comes a high price tag. CISO as a Service allows you access to all the benefits that a full-time hire offers but you only pay for what you need.

2. You are a business looking to grow. You may need to find a way to protect core information assets without the hefty salary that most senior IT staff demand.

3. You want advice and support from the country’s leading experts. You may have an IT team in place making another full-time hire seem redundant. However, our CISO as a Service offers you access to the country’s top talent.

Key Features of our CISO as a Service Solution

We offer you access to:

1. Extension of your information security capabilities.

2. Product agnostic advice.

3. Support with major projects.

4. Dedicated security point of contact.

Key Benefits of our CISO as a Service Solution

We guarantee:

1. Huge savings on capital expenditure.

2. No data breaches.  

3. Mitigation against staff loss, illness and sick leave.

4. Flexibility.

5. Peace of mind.

CISO as a Service

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