Cyber Security Consulting

Providing a cybersecurity consulting team to help you secure your data.

Cybersecurity Consulting Advice to Give You Peace of Mind

Stryve’s cybersecurity consulting service offers you access to an experienced cyber security team that guides and advises your organisation. After chatting with you and understanding your needs, our experts tailor a solution to meet every one of your requirements in the agreed timeframe.

Through our cybersecurity consulting service, we support and guide your business in improving overall IT security and compliance. Our experts take a product agonistic consultative approach meaning that we only recommend what we think is best for your business.

We create a comprehensive information security programme that leverages forward-looking technology, people and practices.

Cyber Security Consulting
Cybersecurity Consulting Applications (what would you use it for)

Our cybersecurity consulting service is a cost-effective way to reach your goals and improve your security posture. Many of our customers choose to engage our service when:

1. Aiming for a cybersecurity certification or goal. For example, many of our clients aim to achieve ISO 27001 certification and Stryve can enable them to do so.

2. A full-time hire would be too costly. Since our cybersecurity consulting offers support and guidance on a once off basis, achieving your cybersecurity goals does not require a large budget.

3. Proactively trying to address cybersecurity issues within the organisation. Our experts can identify potential problems before they even come to your attention. We can then work closely with you over a set number of days to remediate these issues.

Key Features of our Cybersecurity Consulting Solution:
We offer you access to:

1. Product agnostic advice.

2. Security guidance aimed at senior management.

3. Access to expertise.

Key Benefits of our Cybersecurity Consulting Solution:
We guarantee:

1.     No data breaches.

2.     Objectivity.

3.     Cost savings.

4.     Peace of mind.

What is Different about our Cybersecurity Consulting Solution?

What sets Stryve apart is the genuineness with which we approach our cybersecurity consulting solution. Our team of experts want to help you improve your cybersecurity posture and enjoy the challenge of finding a solution that ticks every box and meets all of your needs.

Our offering is unique in the sense that it allows you access to our team of experts for as long as you need them. We work to understand your needs, agree upon a timeframe and achieve your goals within it. With our service, there are no strings attached. We work with you when you want and for how long you want, alleviating the pressure to invest in a full-time hire.

We embed a team of experts with valuable knowledge and experience to support your organisation. Throughout the process, they are on hand to deal with all of your questions and concerns. Our service offers you the ability to meet your cybersecurity goals easily and cost-effectively without the financial commitment that a full-time hire demands.

Cyber Security Consulting

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Cyber Security Consulting

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