Pitch Perfect Lessons for Winning Business

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Pitch Perfect Lessons for Winning Business

By Kilkenny All-star Hurler, Eoin Murphy

Kilkenny goalkeeper, All Ireland hurler, Eoin Murphy, has joined our Stryve team as a Business Development Manager (BDM). Eoin will work closely with Stryve’s growing clientele developing new opportunities and managing key accounts for the private cloud and security business based in Co. Carlow. Below Eoin explains some of the parallels he has seen in business and in the field.

Since graduating with a Sports Degree in 2014, I have combined a busy training schedule with a career in sales. Learning to manage a busy work life and hurling life over the past decade, I can see that there are similarities in your performance on the pitch and in the boardroom.  

Here are some of my observations from 25 number of years playing hurling for Glenmore and the Kilkenny County team and in my professional roles.

Preparation is key

One thing I've learned from being in a sport’s team is that the preparation we do now will benefit us in the future. It's important to stick to a routine. If I start a few minutes late or take an extra-long lunch break, further down the line I will be less prepared which will have a knock-on effect on my performance. Making first contact calls is like our prep-work and training sessions. It sets us up for success. When it comes to pitching to the client, we've put in the groundwork and have an understanding of the type of tailored solution they need. That puts us in a stronger position to win the business.

Structure is important

Whether working from home, in the car or the office it is important to have a structure to your day. An early lesson I’ve learned from the playing field. From the age of five, we were expected to show up for our training and put the time in for our team. It matters just as much at work. I begin each morning with a walk and a coffee. This helps prepare me mentally for the day ahead. I have breakfast and start work at about 9:00 am. I work through until 5:30 with my calls and meeting planned in advance.

Esse Quam Videri

One of my coaches always told us ‘’Esse Quam Videri’’. A Latin motto, it means ‘to be’ rather than to ‘seem’. I’ve always come back to this sentiment and it has helped me mentally on the pitch and in other aspects of life. Rather than pretending to be something, or faking it, put in the hard work and ‘be’ it.

The coach always referred to this motto to make sure that you were not skipping any corners. It's important that if you're doing something make sure you're doing it right. That comes back to doing your homework, putting in the calls, being prepared when you have your sales meeting set up so you are ready to put your best foot forward.


Being a team player is knowing that you can’t do it on your own. Stryve have very specialised engineers who are the cornerstone of the company. I certainly wouldn't be able to do my job without them. Stryve’s private cloud technology is so unique. Each solution is tailored to the individual client so I rely heavily on the others in the team. I’m regularly in touch with the developers. Kathleen Lucey helps with the generation of proposals or from a security point of view, Paul Delahunty is our CSO, and I defer to his expertise all the time.  

I rely on the team and in turn, they rely on me and the BDM’s to keep the pipeline full and prospective business coming in. It’s no different in any teams. Every person knows their role and pulls their weight for a company or team success.

Eyes on the prize

You have to have long term goals, but it is also important to stay in the moment. As a team at Stryve, we have regular morning meetings just to talk about potential prospects. We discuss what type of positive outcomes we want from a meeting, give feedback on different types of solutions, and know what our targets are. In terms of sport, we want to win games and that's no different. You need to have laser focus and keep reaching for your goals.

I have always loved the interaction with people that goes with the job. My connection with hurling helps me get doors opened throughout the county. Sport is very important in Ireland and there is nearly always someone in a company who is interested in the GAA.

I have spent time now immersing myself in Stryve, the products, and their partners. The IT sector has really sped up and people need data at their fingertips, at home or in the office. They need to know that it is secure, and they don’t want to lose working time with data issues.

I would love to discuss how Stryve’s Private Cloud solutions can add value to your company.

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