Case studies

Case studies

First Ireland


First Ireland is one of Ireland’s largest brokerage firms. It has a reputation for quality service and excellent value for money aimed at both personal and business customers. Established in the 1980s, First Ireland is a fully Irish owned company operated by its senior partners.  With an extensive client list that ranges from individual consumers to larger corporations, IT and cybersecurity are of paramount importance to First Ireland.  IT systems are central to the efficient management of the insurance business and are seen as a key infrastructural asset for the organisation. Ensuring the optimal performance and security of IT assets is a key business priority. 

The Secure Email Challenge:

In 2019 First Ireland began to experience an increase in email-borne threats, including phishing, spear phishing, and malware – despite having a third-party email filtering solution in place. First Ireland invested time and money into training and awareness-building efforts. Notwithstanding the investments made, senior management observed that most employees were largely unaware of social engineering techniques leveraged in phishing and spear-phishing emails. Moreover, while the organisation’s incumbent email filtering solution was effective at filtering spam and known threats, the solution didn’t offer sufficient protection against these highly targeted attacks. To alleviate these challenges and develop a more robust security protocol, First Ireland decided to look at alternative solutions.

The Secure Email Solution:

First Ireland approached Stryve as its trusted advisor and after a proof of concept, the organisation selected Vade secure email security to bolster its email defences. The Vade Secure solution performs a comprehensive behavioural analysis of the entire email, including the origin, content, and context. In addition, machine learning algorithms analyse URLs and attachments in real-time, offering superior detection of unknown, highly targeted threats. Vade Secure offers a unique advantage in that these models are trained and continuously optimised using data from the 600 million mailboxes it protects worldwide.

The Stryve benefits:

Bernard Swierczyna, Executive Director at First Ireland, remarks, “Stryve with Vade Secure has greatly improved our overall email security while allowing our IT team to concentrate on our core operations.” 

He adds, “I can always trust in the advice of Stryve”.

Client Profile:

  • One of Ireland’s largest brokerage firms 
  • More than 30 years of experience 
  • Over 150 employees 
  • 3 office location 

Client Requirements:

  • A secure email filtering solution 
  • A solution that detected advanced social engineering techniques 
  • A more robust security protocol 
  • Protection against highly targeted attacks


  • Increased email security 
  • A rapid increase in the detection of malicious emails
  • Protection against sophisticated attacks 
  • A more robust security protocol 
  • Reduced stress for end-users 
  • Peace of mind

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