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Origina is a leading independent third-party software support provider for IBM software. The organisation provides dedicated support for over 800 IBM licensed products and works with a number of high profile, Fortune 500 clients. Origina has offices on three continents and operates in every country across the world.  

The CISOaaS Challenge

Origina engaged Stryve to assist the organisation with their ISO27001 compliance requirements. Due to a change in personnel, the company no longer had a staff member dedicated to this.  Origina was coming up for a 3-year recertification and also wanted to extended its certification to its offices in Texas. Origina understood the importance of having an expert at the top-table to assist it with its ISO27001 compliance requirements. However, the organisation was unwilling to make another fulltime hire solely for this purpose. Rather, it sought an experienced IT expert who could work flexibly to advise the business and enable them to meet this standard.

The CISOaaS Solution

Stryve’s CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) provided Origina with access to an experienced cybersecurity professional who worked flexibly to advise the organisation on how to meet ISO27001 compliance requirements. For over 10 months, Stryve worked side-by-side with Origina’s General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer, Guy Tritton, who was also a new hire for Origina and had no ISO27001 knowledge and experience to overhaul the whole of Origina’s ISO27001 policies and records. Stryve was very hands on and helpful. Stryve’s Information Security Officer, Paul Delahunty, worked throughout the 10 months as Origina’s right hand man and the organisation relied heavily on his advice throughout the entire process.  

· Leading independent software support provider for IBM software

· Several Fortune 500 clients  

· Offices across three different continents

· An experienced cybersecurity expert  

· Assistance with achieving ISO27001 compliance and certification

· Expert advice

· Flexibility

· Peace of mind  

· Full ISO27001 recertification and extension of scope of certificate to USA  

· Flexible  

· Comprehensive  

· Hands-on, helpful advice  

· Cost-effective  

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