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Swappsi is a software and web development company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company was founded with the primary objective of helping businesses to develop high-quality software and web solutions that allow for more efficient internal business processes and increased productivity. Swappsi’s international client-base includes small to medium-sized companies in the private and public sector operating in countries such as Ireland, Spain and Argentina. 

The Infrastructure as a Service Challenge

Swappsi had begun to experience issues with interruption and downtime that negatively impacted its customers. The organization needed to find a reliable and trustworthy Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider. For many companies, like Swappsi, on-premise servers are costly to install, difficult to maintain and do not offer flexibility for computing expansion and growth. 

The Infrastructure as a Service Solution

Stryve provided Swappsi with a reliable and stable private cloud platform to host its customer applications and services. Stryve’s IaaS Platform ensured that the organization experienced zero downtime and guaranteed minimal disruption to its clients. Moreover, unlike with on-premise servers, Swappsi only paid for the infrastructure it required which led to cost savings.  This, in turn, allowed Swappsi to focus on its core business functions and objectives.

Gonzalo Faura, Swappsi Software

The Stryve benefits:

"Swappsi chose Stryve as its main hosting partner over 10 years ago and to this day we are confident that we have made the right choice, because they always go out of their way to assist and advise regardless of how big or small the issue or request might be.

As a growing company it is important to feel that you are valued as much as large corporations and Stryve has delivered on its premise from the first day, providing almost immediate support when needed. This, in turn, has helped us grow our operations by delivering a high quality of service to our customers."

Gonzalo Faura, Founder and CEO, Swappsi Software

Client Profile:

  • Software and web development company 
  • Over 15 years of experienced
  • International client base 

Client Requirements:

  • A reliable IaaS platform 
  • Zero downtime 
  • Minimal disruption to clients 
  • Flexibility to expand computing infrastructure


  • A reliable and stable cloud platform to host applications and services
  • Zero downtime 
  • Cost savings 
  • Peace of mind 

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