Case studies

Case studies

The Will Register


The Will Register is Ireland’s national database of wills. It provides a discreet and accredited search and registration of wills service which allows people to understand if a will exists and where it is located.

The Secure Website Challenge 

The Will Register needed a reputable and trustworthy company to develop a secure website for the organisation. This was particularly important to the company given the nature of the website and sensitivity around people’s personal data and credit card information. Choosing the right partner was an important decision and ensuring a return on investment in a new website is often viewed as a challenge. The Will Register needed a trusted company to develop an e-commerce portal to provide the engine for its new business idea. 

The Secure Website Solution

The Will Register knew that by engaging Stryve, an ISO security certified company, to develop its website, it felt assured that it would be developed to the highest security standards. Secure web development at Stryve works from the ground up. It starts with the early stages of design, works through every stage of the development process and right through to the completed product. The Will Register wanted assurance that its website would be hosted in a secure environment and Stryve could guarantee this. 

Stryve created a fully secure e-commerce website, where users can securely upload information on their wills and pay online. The Will Register’s website also includes a significant solicitor portal that can be used to set up accounts, register and search for wills. Stryve has also assisted The Will Register in implementing Google ad campaigns to drive visibility.

The Stryve Secure Web Development Benefits

Mike Fraher, Director at The Will Register explains 

“Given the confidential nature of our service and information flowing through our website, we needed a security-conscious partner to work with. Stryve due to their ISO security certification and strong technical team was an attractive proposition to us. We found the team at Stryve to be extremely professional. They understood the brief and exceeded our expectation in terms of delivery."

Client Profile:

  • Startup Tech Company
  • Highly regulated industry 
  • Legal Practice & Consulting Firm

Client Requirements:

  • A secure website which ensures that the organisation’s clients’ data is protected 
  • A guarantee that the company’s website would be securely hosted 
  • An e-commerce portal 
  • A website which features a solicitor portal 
  • SEO services to drive visibility


  • A fully secure e-commerce website that allows information to be securely uploaded 
  • A secure hosting environment 
  • A portal for solicitors to register and search for wills
  • Implemented Google ad campaigns to drive visibility 

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