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Typetec is a leading professional IT managed service company. The organisation offers tailor-made I.T. solutions and services to its clients to help transform the way they work. Typetec, and its team of over 40 employees, offer a complete range of cloud solutions and professional IT services. The organisation provides solutions and services to a range of sectors including financial, education, creative and non-profit.

The Challenge:

Typetec’s clients began to experience an increase in email-borne threats, including phishing, spear phishing, and malware. The organisation’s clients were reporting high counts of spam and virus transmission via email. This was causing an increase in unsolicited emails being sent to Typetec’s end users. Moreover, in several cases, email-borne threats were causing business disruption where malware or cyberattacks threatened business production.  

The Secure Email Solution:

Typetec engaged Stryve to find a secure email solution. Stryve introduced Vade Secure, a solution that performs a comprehensive behavioural analysis of the entire email, including the origin, content, and context. Typetec trialled this solution and saw that it brought immediate benefits to the organisation's clients. 

Stryve demonstrated a complete knowledge of both the product and also the demands of Typetec’s customers and were able to align the two. Since implementing Stryve’s secure email solution, Typetec has noted a dramatic decrease in spam and cyber-related issues among its clients. 

The Stryve Benefits:

Finbarr O’Riordan, Head of Sales at Typetec, remarks, “At Typetec our remit is to bring best of breed data integrity and security products to our customers. With Stryve and Vade we have succeeded in that.”

O’Riordan continues, “We have seen a dramatic falloff on customer calls relating to Spam and cyber-related attacks. Vade is a supreme solution and one we now recommend as a must-have to all security-conscious clients.”

Client Profile:

  • Leading professional IT managed service company
  • Over 35 years of experience 
  • Over 40 employees

Client Requirements:

  • A secure email solution 
  • A decrease in spam and virus transmission via email 
  • A decrease in unsolicited emails being sent to end-users 


  • Increased email security 
  • A dramatic decrease in email-borne threats
  • Immediate benefits to the organisation’s clients 
  • Reduced stress for end-users
  • Peace of mind 

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