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Typetec is a leading professional IT managed service company. The organisation offers tailor-made I.T. solutions and services to its clients to help transform the way they work. Typetec, and its team of over 40 employees, offer a complete range of cloud solutions and professional IT services. The organisation provides solutions and services to a range of sectors including financial, education, creative and non-profit.

The CISOaaS Challenge

With the prevalence of cyberattacks increasing across the world, hiring an experienced CISO is becoming a necessity. Typetec understood the importance of having an expert at the top-table, however, it did not make sense for the organisation to make another full-time hire. Aware of the shortage of senior IT staff across the country, Typetec did not want to compromise expertise in favour of another full-time team member. Rather, they sought an experienced IT expert who could work flexibly to advise the business and enable them to improve their cybersecurity posture.

The CISOaaS Solution

Stryve’s CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) provided Typetec with access to an experienced cybersecurity professional who worked flexibly to provide product-agnostic advice. Our service was completely customisable and tailored to meet the organisation’s needs. Typetec decided everything from the number of days per month to the scope of the guidance provided, meaning that the organisation only paid for what it needed. Typetec gained access to advice from the country’s leading experts at an affordable price point.

· Leading professional IT managed service company

· Offers a complete range of cloud solutions and professional IT services

· Over 40 employees

· An experienced cybersecurity expert  

· Part-time hire

· Expert advice

· Peace of mind  

· Completely customisable  

· Flexible  

· Comprehensive  

· Product-agnostic advice

· Cost-effective  

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