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What Are Immutable Backups

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What are immutable backups?

Immutable backups refer to data that, when it is stored, cannot be deleted or changed. In other words, it becomes fixed. Immutable backups ensure that there is always a safe and untouched copy of your data available. By allowing customers to go back in time and access different copies of their data, immutable backups offer an added layer of protection when it comes to accidental deletion or unforeseen malicious activity.  

Immutable backups become particularly important when organisations suffer a ransomware attack because immutable backups enable organisations to recover the last clean backup they have on record. During ransomware attacks, criminals refuse to allow companies access to their data unless a sum is paid to them. Organisations that perform immutable backups never have to worry about this issue; they already have access to the data that was stolen.  

Another key advantage of performing immutable backups is that they enable companies to meet data compliance regulations. Companies are often required to produce accurate copies of historical data and immutable backups ensure that companies can quickly and easily do this.  

How does it work?

At Stryve, we offer a state of the art, product agnostic, immutable backup solution that is powered by Veeam technology. Stryve ensures that customers’ primary backups are immutable by using the Veeam Hardened Linux Repository. By using generic compute and storage with a supported Linux x64 distribution that provides this functionality, our Veeam immutable backup solution allows organisations to achieve local immutable backup storage.  

When it comes to immutable backups, the cloud is the preferred medium. A key advantage of using the cloud for immutable backups is that it allows recoveries to take place from anywhere. By contrast, tapes are the traditional storage medium for immutable backups. However, retrieving data using this medium is a more complex task because it requires customers to retrieve a tape from an off-site location.  

Another key advantage of using the cloud is that customers can place a time frame on immutability. In essence, this means that if you decide to set immutability to, for example, a three-year time frame, an unmodifiable copy of your data will be retained for that period of time.

Who is it for?

Our solution is designed for all small, medium and large companies that are keen to ensure that they always have access to a safe and untouched copy of their data. In particular, it is ideal for customers who are currently using Veeam technology.  

What are the key features?

  1. Allows you to go back in time to different copies of their data  
  1. You can easily recover a clean copy of your data  
  1. Our solution is hardware agnostic  
  1. Recoveries can take place from anywhere  
  1. A time frame can be placed on immutability  

What are the key benefits?

  1. Enables customers to meet data compliance regulations  
  1. Following a ransomware attack, a clean copy of your data can be recovered  
  1. Avoids the issue of paying a ransom  
  1. Recoveries are easy and efficient to perform  
  1. Offers peace of mind  
  1. Guarantees constant protection  
  1. Cost-effective  

What does Stryve offer that is different?  

A key difference between Stryve’s immutable backup offering and a typical backup offering is that immutable backups ensure that when data is stored, it cannot be deleted or changed. Immutable backups not only add another layer of protection for customers, but they also enable customers to meet data compliance regulations such as the GDPR.  

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