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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

A Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CSRA) is a structured process that is designed to identify security vulnerabilities in an organisation and advise on how to take proactive steps towards improving cybersecurity. A key aim of our Cyber Security Risk Assessment is to reduce the attack surface (most vulnerable areas) within a business. This process highlights immediate risks and identifies assets that could be affected by an attack. Our CSRA is a tailored 10 step approach that takes a holistic look at businesses and their vulnerabilities from both an IT and cybersecurity perspective.  

What is our Cyber Security Risk Assessment offering?

Our Cyber Security Risk Assessment analyses our clients potential vulnerabilities and helps to stay ahead of threats. People, Processes and Technology are the three pillars of cybersecurity and, thus, it is essential to comprehensively assess their strengths and weaknesses. Our unique 10 step programme looks at where the vulnerabilities across these three areas lie. Upon completion, we produce a report containing detailed information on each of the 10 areas analysed as well as a summary of the key findings. 


The 10 areas that we analyse include:  

  1. All online facing services - This includes websites, web portals and apps
  2. Assets - This includes computers, servers, laptops and mobiles
  3. Networks, Communications and Monitoring.
  4. Data - We look at whether data is secure and encrypted as well as what backup plans the company has in place. 
  5. Infrastructure and Hosting.
  6. Emails
  7. People - We evaluate  how cyber-aware employees are and how they would respond in the event of an attack 
  8. Business Continuity Risk Assessment.
  9. Policies - It is essential that companies are compliant with existing legislation. We look into the certification that companies already have, whether they are GDPR compliant and how they manage and store information.  
  10. Access Control 


A Cyber Security Risk Assessment allows companies to avail of our extensive cyber-security expertise and experience through the lens of a detailed report which provides practical advice and analysis. We produce a traffic light style report which colour codes areas from most vulnerable (red) to least (green). This allows companies to easily identify where their strengths and weaknesses lie in a simple RAG dashboard.



How does it work?

Our assessment is a 3 to 10-day process. Although it typically only takes 3 days to complete, it may take up to 10 days to complete in larger organisations. The CRSA involves one of our Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) working closely with our client to carry out an initial appraisal of the business. Every client is assigned a CISO that will work closely with the organisation before, during and after the assessment.


During the first day, our CISO works onsite to define the scope of the assessment and collect key information and facts. The following 2 or 3 days are then spent discovering, analysing and verifying potential vulnerabilities. On the final day, we present an easy to read report containing a traffic light system alongside our key recommendations. We work closely with our clients throughout this entire process. We assist them in defining the scope of the assessment, identifying areas of concern and we guarantee that everything is completed to an industry-standard framework. 


Who is it for?

Although our CRSA is beneficial to every organisation, it is particularly important that all Small and Medium businesses carry out this assessment.


What are the key features?

Our assessment is the first step that organisations can take to protect themselves against cyberattacks. We provide realistic recommendations that are underpinned by practical and precise analysis. As an ISO 27001:2017 Certified Partner, we can provide expertise and can be a trusted advisor to any business. 


What are the key benefits?

Our Cyber Security Risk Assessment has several key benefits ranging from identifying vulnerabilities to preventing data breaches. The central aim of the assessment is to identify and alert companies to areas of concern within an organisation. 


The key benefits of performing a CRSA include:


  1. Our assessment ensures that companies are GDPR compliant. 
  1. Preventing cybersecurity incidents and breaches from occurring protects companies from spending vast amounts on expensive remedial works. 
  1. Our assessment alerts companies to vulnerable areas that require attention, and potentially, investment. 
  1. Quickly remedy cybersecurity shortcomings reducing the attack surface but also helping to build trust with customers. 
  1. Our CRSA includes an executive summary which can help senior management prioritise their cybersecurity issues. 
  1. Educate employees on particularly vulnerable areas and can improve a company’s overall security posture, or ability to defend against cyber attacks. 
  1. Finally, our assessment provides peace of mind and helps to mitigate against any embarrassment that common cybersecurity vulnerabilities may cause. 


What do Stryve offer that is different?

We focus on building a relationship of trust with our clients which allows them to focus on their business while we take care of any cybersecurity concerns they may have. Unlike many other companies, we are product agnostic and guarantee to only recommend the best solutions.

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