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What is Stryve Mobile Device Management?

Stryve Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a solution, based on SOTI MobiControl technology, that offers organisations complete protection and control over their mobile devices. Stryve Mobile Device Management (MDM) services involve, provisioning, securing and ongoing management to device end-of-life. By utilising SOTI MobiControl technology, we provide a solution that enables asset management for our client’s devices.

However, at Stryve we take the SOTI MobiControl offering one step further by providing a fully managed MDM solution. While it is imperative that organisations invest in MDM, managing it is a time-consuming task that demands a quick response time. Most organisations simply do not have the time, money or resources to oversee the constant management of their MDM solution. Stryve solves this problem by offering clients a secure MDM solution, managed by our security experts, that guarantees customers constant protection and peace of mind.

Why is Mobile Device Management important?

Many businesses have employees, working in the field, that use mobile devices, such as laptops or tablets, to carry out daily operational tasks. However, very few organisation have an MDM solution in place that allows them to track their devices and manage them remotely.

Nevertheless, an MDM solution is essential for organisations that use and rely on mobile technology. It enables companies to improve their security posture and respond to issues. For example, if a device suffers a cyberattack and is subsequently compromised, with an MDM solution, it can be remotely managed, placed in quarantine and, if necessary, its contents can be wiped. Unfortunately, without an MDM solution in place, something as simple as one compromised device could enable cybercriminals to access an organisation’s entire network. This, in turn, can have detrimental impacts.

How does Stryve Mobile Device Management work?

Stryve Mobile Device Management is based on SOTI MobiControl technology. SOTI MobiControl is, in essence, a piece of software that sits under a device and enables administrators to control and manage that device. However, several key steps enable remote management. Firstly, the device and the software is enrolled which allows the administrator to view all of the different devices within a company. The administrator can then perform various tasks, for example, they can track an organisation’s devices using the location services feature.  

Who is our Stryve Mobile Device Management offering for?

All organisations who utilise mobile technology should have an MDM solution in place. Organisations have to keep a close eye on the devices being used in their network, regardless of whether they are company-owned or personal devices (BYOD). However, Stryve Mobile Device Management goes beyond a classic MDM service; it offers customers access to expert security advice as well as a secure ongoing device management solution.

What are the key features?

Some of SOTI MobiControl’s key features include:

1.     Group Location Service – IT administrators can view the location of all online devices as well as the last known location of those that are offline.

2.     App Management - Companies can curate the applications on each individual device to meet the needs of the employees using them. This can be done by blacklisting or whitelisting various applications.

3.     Remote Support – SOTI MobiControl enables IT administrators to remotely access devices. For example, using remote access,  IT administrators can install the latest updates on devices, ensuring that they are always protected.

4.     Multi-OS Support – SOTI MobiControl enables all mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints to be managed using a single user interface. This allows our experts to keep track of our clients’ devices and respond quickly in the event of an issue.

What are the key benefits?

1.     Improve security posture – Our managed MDM solution allows organisations to proactively respond to cybersecurity threats and ensures that if a device is compromised, the issue is contained and its impacts mitigated.

2.     24/7 support  - One of the biggest advantages of this solution is that it offers customers constant support and advice from our security experts. At Stryve, we are always only a phone call away.

3.     ISO 27001 security certified – This solution allows companies to benefit from expert support and guidance from an ISO 27001 security certified company.

4.     GDPR compliance – To achieve GDPR compliance, companies must fulfil certain requirements. One such requirement is that organisations must be able to safeguard the personal information stored on their devices. Without an MDM solution organisations cannot guarantee that personal information is protected.

5.     Cost savings – Research shows that downtime caused by poorly performing applications can cost over €17,000 per mobile worker while business mobility interruptions usually last approximately 105 minutes. Moreover, if one device leads an entire system to be compromised, this can cost companies a great deal of time and revenue to remediate  

6.     Peace of mind – With Stryve’s Mobile Device Management solution, companies can always feel assured that their devices and their organisation are secure and protected.

What does Stryve offer that is different?

Stryve MDM Managed Services off-loads the strenuous task of managing the MDM software. Our experts focus on the security and ROI of your mobile devices so you don’t have to.

Our managed services and strategies are designed to create a multi-layered suite of security features around all major mobile device platforms, providing a single and complete window of control for all company information transmitted through corporate or personal devices.

Stryve helps you manage all aspects of your mobile devices, from basic configurations to more advanced security settings;

1.     Implementation services  - We will set up and enrol all your devices and configure the various policies around devices to secure corporate resources. We will ensure each setting is configured and aligned with your organisation’s goals.

2.     Monitoring and Reporting Services - These are wide-ranging, and are designed to provide constant assurance that all mobile devices are always being used both properly and cost-effectively across a variety of parameters. Ensuring proper usage not only helps us control costs for you, but it also provides executive insight into your mobility policies and how well they’re functioning.

With the right policies and technology in place, you can balance freedom of choice for employees with security and control for IT.

At Stryve, our experts are always happy to help.
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