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What is a Security Operations Centre?

A security operations centre (SOC) is a centre where Stryve will monitor, analyse and actively protect your Cyber Assets. These assets include enterprise information systems (websites, applications, databases, data centres, servers, networks, desktops and other endpoints). 

A SOC operates as a dedicated service centre where we monitor unusual traffic or patterns going into a client network.

What is our Security Operations Centre offering?

Our SOC offering consists of both a software and service component of a monitoring service.  Here at Stryve we have our own data centre and have a huge amount of traffic coming through our own networks that we can then use as a means to support more sophisticated pattern recognition. As a result, the unique combination of dedicated cyber expertise, married to a cutting edge technology stack and an ability to learn from other threats helps ensure we are well placed to protect your IT systems. 

Who is it for?

A SOC is ideal for companies who lack internal cybersecurity capability in terms of both the expertise and the tools to ensure that protection is robust enough. If you do not have a dedicated cybersecurity team, outsourcing to a provider like Stryve will help ensure you are getting first-rate security at a competitive price.

What are the key features?

The key features of a SOC include the peace of mind you get from having full cybersecurity coverage 24hrs/day,  7 days/week, and 365 days/year. We can monitor your traffic, assess potential threats and protect your business. Specific features include: 

  • Notification and alerting (proactive monitoring and threat response)
  • Automated incident response and management 
  • Case management
  • Logging and auditing for compliance
  • Analytics and AI
  • Intelligence threat hunting
  • Access to the latest security applications

What are the key benefits?

So what are some of the key benefits of using our SOC?

For a start, it is widely recognised that there is a lack of cybersecurity expertise globally. Those that are working in this space command a premium, and when you factor in the cost of cybersecurity software, it is clear that the cost burden is significant. 

By outsourcing to Styve you’ll enjoy access to this expertise and cutting-edge tech without needing to resource a full dedicated function.

  • Protect your company from cyber-attack, fraud, ransomware, malware, phishing and impersonation attacks.
  • Protect your brand from embarrassing and damaging breaches
  • Benefit from first-class cybersecurity on a competitive basis
  • Enjoy fast response times from cybersecurity experts
  • Meet governance, risk and compliance standards
  • SOC tools and services are expensive and complex - avoid costly upfront investments in technology and staff by outsourcing

In short, you benefit from trusted security professionals with significant expertise in this space who are using enterprise-class technologies.

What do Stryve offer that is different?

We offer access to Fortune 500 tech and cybersecurity expertise at accessible pricing ensuring that small and medium businesses can protect their cyber assets without needing to resource the same in-house. 

We have invested in the systems and people so you don’t have to. 

At Stryve, our experts are always happy to help.
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