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What is a Secure Private Cloud?

Stryve’s Secure Private Cloud offers dedicated access to your own private cloud, with an additional layer of security over and above typical deployments. This is in stark contrast to simply renting space on servers that are owned and run by 3rd parties such as AWS and Azure.

How does our Secure Private Cloud service work?

Stryve uses a consultative approach when engaging clients to gain a thorough understanding of their requirements. We build a Secure Private Cloud around these requirements ensuring each customer has a solution that is designed specifically for their needs. As a VMWare partner, we use VMWare Cloud Foundation to offer customers access to a unified data centre platform as well as an efficient and cost-effective solution. On completion, we transfer all access rights to our clients. I.e. We configure the environment for our clients and then essentially ‘hand over the keys’. This ensures that your data is always under your control.

What is VMWare Cloud Foundation?

VMWare, a leading cloud infrastructure, cloud computing and virtualisation software and services provider. At Stryve, we use the VMware Cloud Foundation solution as our base and build upon it to offer customers our secure Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, Platform.

Most data centres consist of compute, networking, security and storage and, traditionally, companies would employ a team to manage each individual component. However, this is a costly, time-consuming process that prevents employees from focusing on other key tasks. VMware Cloud

Foundation solves this problem by providing customers with a unified data centre platform.

By combining Stryve’s cybersecurity expertise with the best of what VMware Cloud Foundation has to offer, we provide customers with a unique and secure solution.

Who is our Secure Private Cloud service for?

Our Secure Private Cloud offering is designed for small, medium and large businesses who require a dedicated cloud solution.

Specific additional requirements such as increased computing power, bandwidth or disk space (data storage), can be easily accommodated.

We have clients spanning numerous disparate industries including distribution, pharma, financial services, legal, engineering, and the broader services sector.

Stryve’s Secure Private Cloud service is ideal for companies who are more security conscious and don’t want their data hosted in the public cloud or on platforms offered by Microsoft/Amazon due to geographic or other concerns.

What are the key features?

The following represent some of the key features of our secure private cloud offering:

  • N+N redundancy
  • Zero downtime
  • Enhanced Security
  • ISO 27001 security certified
  • Data sovereignty
  • Dedicated resources - not shared or over-allocated
  • Superior performance
  • Best in breed servers (we only use HP Blades)
  • Cost savings
  • Powered exclusively by green energy

What are the key benefits?

Some of the key benefits include:

  • A Secure Private Cloud that meets YOUR requirements. You are not just buying an “off the shelf” box
  • Superior customer service - call us anytime!
  • Extra protection for our clients
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Commercially attractive options
  • Clarity as to where your data resides
  • Your data is under your control – always!

What do Stryve offer that is different?

The primary difference is that we provide dedicated resources which leads to superior performance. Key differences include: 

  • Best in breed servers (we only use HP Blades)
  • ISO 27001 security certified
  • N+N redundancy
  • Option to co-locate data and compute
  • Zero downtime
  • Data sovereignty
  • Enhanced security
  • Cost savings
  • Green only energy 

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