Cyber Security and Private Cloud Solutions

At Stryve we offer an unprecedented bouquet of professional Cyber Security and Private Cloud Solutions aimed at improving your organisation’s Cybersecurity and Business Continuity.

Data is the new Oil. Every modern company stores and processes data, it’s the lifeblood of the organisation, without this data the company will cease to exist, even a temporary loss of data can spell disaster for your organisation.
Each organisation needs to be acutely aware of it’s unique RPO and RTO requirements. In the event of a data disaster how much data it can afford to lose and how long before access to backed up data is restored.

This data is often confidential in nature and needs to be protected from theft and loss. Research has emphatically proven that consumers hold the company responsible for the security of their personal data and will blame the company for the theft of this data – Not the hacker. Data breaches will result in a loss of trust and revenue for the affected company.

Stryve offers a range of solutions that minimise the possibility of data loss through email protection with Vade Secure and secure web development.

Our private cloud data centres are equipped with the latest hardware. Virtualisation with VMware and data duplication back-ups with Zerto enabling your business data to be restored within seconds, with virtually zero loss, in the event of a catastrophic data loss.
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