Immutable Backups

Secure Immutable Backups That Provide You with a Last Line of Defence Against Cyberattacks

Immutable Backups - Always Have a Copy of your Data to Hand

With ransomware attacks increasing around the world and across every sector, you may be thinking that it is time to bolster your defences and invest in an immutable backup solution.  

Immutable backups ensure that you always have a safe and untouched copy of your data available. They differ from regular backups in the sense that they are unable to be modified or deleted. This adds a layer of protection that regular backups simply cannot provide.

Immutable backups become particularly useful when faced with a ransomware attack because they guarantee that a clean copy of your data will always be easily accessible. Moreover, they offer companies an extra layer of protection when faced with issues such as accidental deletion or unforeseen malicious activity.

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Immutable Backups
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Immutable backups are particularly useful when:

1. You suffer a ransomware attack. Immutable backups ensure you always have a clean copy of your data available. This takes the power from criminals who can no longer ransom your data and avoids the issue of paying a ransom in the event of an attack.

2. You want to meet compliance regulations. To achieve this, you often need to be able to produce accurate copies of historical data. Immutable backups allow you to do so quickly and easily.  

3. You want to access your data from anywhere. Since Stryve’s immutable backup solution utilises cloud technology, you can easily access copies of your data no matter where you are. Using cloud technology also enables you to set a time frame on immutability.

4. You already use Veeam technology. Although it is by no means a prerequisite, our immutable backup solution is particularly well suited to existing Veeam customers.

Key Features of our Immutable Backup Solution

We offer you access to:

1. Accurate copies of data.

2. Clean copy of your data,

3. Hardware-agnostic solution.

4. Recoveries from anywhere.

5. Limits to immutability.

Key Benefits of our Immutable Backup Solution

We guarantee:

1. Easy and efficient recoveries.

2. Data compliance.

3. Constant protection.

4. Cost savings.

5. Peace of mind.

What is Different about our Immutable Backup Solution?

Stryve’s immutable backup solution differs from other backup solutions in that it guarantees that you will always have access to a copy of your data that can neither be modified nor deleted. Not every client is sure whether an immutable backup solution is something they should invest in and our experts are on hand to offer as much advice and support as we can.

When you choose Stryve, you do not just gain access to our immutable backup solution; we also provide technical and cybersecurity teams with valuable knowledge and experience to support your business. Our experts genuinely care about you and want to offer as much guidance as they can. Through discussions with you, we can help you to decide, for example, what limit on immutability would best suit your business.

We can also offer support when it comes to a ransomware attack and will be on hand to help you access the last clean copy of your data and get up and running again. When you choose Stryve, you gain access to the layer of protection that immutable backups provide as well as the added protection that having a team of experts on hand to help offers.  

Immutable Backups

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