A Carbon Neutral Company

At Stryve, we have recently been certified as a carbon-neutral company by one of Europe’s leading climate partners. Stryve’s employees were enthusiastic and excited to embrace the organisation’s new initiative.

What does it mean to be certified as carbon neutral?

Becoming certified as a carbon-neutral company, firstly, means calculating the carbon footprint of our organisation based on internationally recognised standards. Next, it involves putting a programme of carbon reduction, which involves regular monitoring, in place. Finally, during the period of transition and where reduction is not possible, it entails utilising international recognised offsets. At Stryve, our carbon audit and the development of our carbon neutral strategy were carried in collaboration with an Irish consultancy company, Pragmatica.ie.

What changes is Stryve implementing?

Stryve is implementing a wide variety of practices across the entire organisation that will reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the wider, global movement towards climate action. Some of the steps we are taking include:

1.     Drawing up carbon budgets for each of our staff members to monitor their individual carbon footprint and, consequently, our organisation’s carbon footprint.

2.   Setting up a community engagement programme under which staff members can offer and trade allowances with colleagues who may be running low.

What role does offsetting play?

Offsetting plays a key transitionary role in a holistic approach to climate action. However, it is not sufficient for organisations to buy their way to carbon neutrality by investing solely in offset projects. It is essential that offsets are only relied on in the transitionary phase while reduction programmes are being rolled out and implemented.

Stryve is committed to making tangible changes in the workplace and educating employees on good environmental practices. For Stryve, carbon-neutral certification serves as recognition of this progress. A central pillar of our corporate governance strategy at Stryve is taking positive steps towards climate action on a company-wide level.

Stryve has selected offset projects across the world that it had become involved in. These offset projects include:

1.     An afforestation project in Rio Kama, Nicaragua. This project in eastern Nicaragua has planted more than 1 million plants of a native species of giant clumping bamboo, covering 2,361 hectares while protecting an additional 1,000 hectares of old forest as a conservation zone.

2.     A clean oceans project in collaboration with Plastic Bank. Over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. Plastic Bank aims to stop ocean plastic while improving the lives of those most affected by it.

3.     A clean cookstoves project in Nyungwe, Rwanda. This project enables households to reduce their wood consumption and reduce the current pressure on Nyungwe Forest National Park, one of the country's most important sites for biodiversity.

4.     A hydropower project in Virunga, Democratic Republic of Congo. With a capacity of 13 megawatts, the Matebe plant generates clean electricity for households and small businesses giving about four million inhabitants access to electricity for the first time.

As climate action becomes imperative on a national and global level, Stryve is proud to increase climate awareness and reduce our environmental impact.
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