VMware is a leading cloud infrastructure, cloud computing and virtualisation software and services provider. As a VMware partner, Stryve offers the following product to its clients:

VMware Cloud Foundation

Most data centers consist of compute, networking, security and storage and, traditionally, companies would employ a team to manage each individual component. However, this is a costly, time-consuming process that prevents employees from focusing on other key tasks. VMware Cloud Foundation solves this problem by providing customers with a unified data center platform.

By bringing together compute, networking, security and storage in a single host, the process can then be automated. This increases employee productivity and enables them to focus on other priorities. By automating the creation of this infrastructure, VMware Cloud Foundation provides customers with an efficient and cost-effective solution.

In only three and a half hours, and with limited customer information, VMware Cloud Foundation will automatically deploy a variety of solutions within the management domain such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and NSX manager. By deploying these solutions, the infrastructure can then accept customer workloads.  VMware Cloud Foundation is not only easy to set up, but it is also easily scalable. Customers can scale their solution by adding another host and increasing the cluster size or customers can add multiple hosts and create a completely new workload domain.  Availability can also be increased by expanding the solution and stretching the cluster out on Layer 2 or Layer 3 networks over to another site.

VMware Cloud Foundation facilitates the use of applications companies rely on and also unlocks the door to new cloud-native applications.  With VMware Cloud Foundation customers can also run any application on any device on any cloud. By utilising VMware’s ACX, or hybrid cloud exchange offering, customers can run and migrate workloads in real-time.

At Stryve, we use the VMware Cloud Foundation solution as our base and build upon it to offer customers our secure Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, Platform. By combining Stryve’s cybersecurity expertise with the best of what VMware Cloud Foundation has to offer, we provide customers with a unique and secure solution.

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